07-08 November 2016


07-08 November 2016


The efforts by Marmara Region Union of Municipalities which started in 2013 at 1st. SMART MUNICIPALITY SUMMIT (#ABZ2013) ithat continued with the 2015 2nd. SMART MUNICIPALITY SUMMIT (#ABZ2015) aims to unite and bring together private sector service providers, public works, so both state and private companies are under the coverage of municipalities.

 Our municipalities are welcome to share their stories of success during the summit with other participants, observe alternative ideas, share academicians scientific approaches, the loss / gain analysis by non-governmental organizations. While members of the ministry and other higher executives evaluating the development as they plan new development attempts in tune with regulations and related laws, setting of new targets and display the velocity gained in technology through efforts of dynamic companies of the private sector.

 The water and sewage system services and state subsidized private sector electricity and natural gas distribution lines offered by the energy sector will present the public their competitive ideas, exhibit projects and talk about their technologies. The summit prepared to give a chance to participants’ a lead to sectors’ leading companies the vision set.

#ABZ2015, Is an important opportunity where effective service production for necessary equipment and software is maintained, in a world where mobility is becoming part of our lives day by day as technology and telecommunications sectors develop fast.

Our municipalities, we would like to see participate and important executives of the energy sector, technology to be produced as per services, success stories that cover laws and regulations, from our ministry, auditing mechanisms, there are guests from foreign countries and private sector, where there can be detailed information to be shared and gained common goals at the summit.

There will be several stands by public and private sector representatives at the premises during the summit to provide detailed information to participants and display their products.

The parallel meetings to be held at the same time as the 2 day summit will be conducted by select specialists with important knowledge with the attendance of participants.

Making use of the knowledge of different executives from different branches and topics at the summit has been brought to attention. While members of the legal department of your corporation attend a meeting regarding their area of expertise other groups could attend the meetings of Information Technologies, Telecommunication, Software, Regulations and Tender Bid units. The summit which has been organized to be of interest to all executives of different levels is expected to be of use for all participants.

We hope that you would honor us with your participation.


  • Mayors

  • Assistant Mayors

  • Secretary Generals

  • Council Members

  • Water and Sewage Management General Administration

  • Membership Works Office Administration

  • Information Technology Office Administration

  • Science Works Managements

  • Science Works

  • Billing and Legal due follow-up management

  • Search & Development (S&D) Units

  • Municipality Police Decisions Office Management

  • Legal Consultancy

  • Yazı İşleri Müdürlükleri

  • Audit Units


  • Board Executives and Members

  • Members of the Board of Executives

  • General Manager

  • CEO

  • CIO

  • CFO

  • Accrual and Billing Units

  • Information Technology Directors

  • Corporate Technologies and S&D units

  • Software and ERP Solutions Units

  • Mobile Solutions and Field Operation Administration Units

  • Regulation, Decision Control and Support Units

  • Depth and legal tracking units

  • Tender Bid and Regulation Organization Units

  • Telecommunication Technologies and Support Units

  • Technical equipment and support units

  • Marketing and Corporate sales units

  • EPDK Relations and Organization Council

  • Business Development Units

  • Channel Support Units


All municipalities in Turkey, all units of municipalities, and the state subsidized public work companies established by municipalities that want to meet with companies and brands providing jobs for the public, or entrepreneur private companies that may be willing to offer new solutions to municipalities upon accessing their needs . The 2nd SMART MUNICIPALITY SUMMIT is an opportunity for all elements of the sector.

  • IT companies

  • Software companies

  • Database management companies

  • Software and appliances security companies

  • System management companies

  • Mobile equipment supplier brands

  • Companies working on geographical data production and operation

  • Companies to produce geographical data systems

  • Companies to produce urban information systems

  • Companies producing map technologies

  • Companies to conduct topographical measurements

  • Companies of electronic / mobile signature integration

  • Companies to set call centers

  • Companies to produce call center management software

  • Operator system companies

  • Bus production companies

  • Companies producing garbage and cleaning vehicles

  • Companies producing business machines

  • Companies producing lighting equipment

  • Signalization systems companies

  • Sinyalizasyon sistemleri firmaları

  • Companies producing trenchless technologies and control systems

  • Companies working in the field of micro tunneling

  • Companies producing on land and under water tunnel technologies

  • Companies producing asphalt technologies

  • Companies producing concrete and cobble stones

  • Companies producing ground studies and real estate consultancy

  • Companies producing waste water and sewage technologies

  • Companies producing waste water treatment technologies

  • Companies providing SCADA and remote telemetry services

  • Legal consultancy companies

  • Companies managing the integration process for European Union projects

  • Banks

  • Finance corporations

  • Consultancy companies

  • Financial corporations that set up bill payment systems